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What is a loop giveaway?

Loops Giveaways

Loop Giveaways are the influencer favorite way to drive fast growth + engagement on Instagram. Influencers run giveaways by offering a prize in exchange for users to follow accounts as directed (such as your own). We offer monthly placements in real mega-influencer giveaways, resulting in overnight growth of 850 – 10,000+ real followers! Note: Not ideal for direct sales or targeted audience.

  • Growth Method of Celebs, Influencers, Athletes & Brands
  • No Bots or Fakes
  • No Password Required
  • 100% Real Overnight Growth
  • International or American Audience
  • Not Targeted



What is a Loop Giveaway?

A loop is where an influencer or celebrity with a wide audience will be posting a giveaway on their Instagram page with specific prize (cash or item). For a chance to win the prize, their followers must follow your page!

Claim Your Spot

To enter our giveaway you must claim a spot.

The Influencer Runs a Giveaway

The influencer announces the giveaway on his/her page within 30 days.

The Growth Happens

Because the influencer is directing his/her followers to follow you, you will get instant growth.

International Vs American Followers

Depending on the loop giveaway you sign up for will determine where your followers based out of. Book a loop call if you have any questions.

Giveaway is posted on Kim Kardashians profile

Users are directed to Scott Disick account

Users follow all 75 who Scott is following.

Instagram Growth Reviews

We believe our reviews and work speak for themselves. Check out our verified online reviews.

Jessamine Dagenais
Jessamine Dagenais
Genuine followers and real likes....GRAM.iety has never let me down. My Instagram account has grabbed enough engagement since I started using their services.
Alexis 	Bray
Alexis Bray
5 stars for customer support, 3 stars for growth speed, 5 stars for overall results. I had some issues with getting this service started but i'm glad I stuck through it! Definitely beat the competition.
Annabell 	Cummings
Annabell Cummings
Top growth service as far as results are concerned!
Peggy Soler
Peggy Soler
I’m more than happy with my growth and engagement increase with Gramiety.
William Dangerfield
William Dangerfield
Mark Cross
Mark Cross
I’ve gotten real followers and higher engagement through this service!
Michael Clark
Michael Clark
Love the team at Gramiety and consistent growth.
William Sanchez
William Sanchez
Don’t know what I’d do without this service to be honest, it’s impossible to grow on Instagram without it.
Edwina Keenan
Edwina Keenan
I can blindly trust these true professionals for the next project since they have successfully optimized multiple Instagram pages for my business. Entire followers were real, thanks a bunch.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram loop giveaways are contests typically run by huge influencers or celebrities. They offer their followers a big prize, but require them to follow a specific amount of Instagram accounts to enter. If you are one of those specific accounts that the influencer’s followers are required to follow, you will grow big time, with that influencer’s followers.

Because we are not logging into your account, ever. The influencer is posting to his/her followers to go and follow your account. That does not require you to give your password.

We are dealing with the decisions of real people. After each giveaway a percentage of users will unfollow you. That and natural Instagram follower loss is a real thing when monitoring the growth of your Instagram account. With this in mind, don’t immediately look at your new, high follower count at the peak of the giveaway. Ignore your follow count for a few days and just focus on posting some more content- at the end of this period, check your followers again to find out just how many stayed because they liked what you were doing with your page.

We also highly suggest you participate in multiple giveaways to really see the benefits.

You will start getting results the minute the influencer posts the giveaway.

Yes, Instagram loop giveaways are 100% Instagram compliant and break no rules.

We do not offer refunds. This is not a plug-and-play Instagram growth bot and this is not an automated system. We have a team of professionals to pay and we have to pay the influencer to shout out your account. This is a non-negotiable and non-refundable hard cost. It is up to you, the consumer, to decide if Instagram loop giveaways are for your account or not.

Please read this policy carefully. This is the REFUNDS POLICY.

We offer several non-tangible irrevocable goods that we DO NOT refund once the order is completed. You, as a customer, are responsible for understanding this upon subscribing for any services.

It is important to note that by subscribing to our services, you are fully agreeing to our REFUNDS POLICY. You as a customer agree to pay and take responsibility for all charges made in accordance with your subscription and these policies.

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